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Razi Institute, the most powerful arm of the Ministry of Health in disease control/ the ability to increase the production capacity of measles vaccines in Razi

Create Date : 5/14/2023 11:12:30 AM
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Adviser to the head and director of Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, stating that this complex has played a role as a powerful arm of the Ministry of Health in disease control, said: All types of measles vaccines have been produced in Razi Institute to the required extent and are ready to increase production. There is also

According to the public relations report of Razi Institute, Dr. Abbas Ashtari, on the sidelines of a press conference on the production of measles vaccine at Razi Institute, pointed out that since 1360, this institute has met all the needs of the country in the field of medical viral vaccines and stated: Vaccines such as Measles, rubella, mumps and polio have been produced in the Razi Institute in recent decades, and based on this, we have witnessed the control of many diseases and the eradication of polio in the country.

He stated that diseases such as measles, rubella and mumps are being controlled with the programs of the Ministry of Health, adding: Considering that the threat of measles and rubella has increased all over the world as well as in the Middle East region, compliance with various safety precautions Prevention, which is only possible through vaccination, is very important.

Adviser to the president and director of Razi Institute, emphasizing the need for people to pay attention to the plans and orders of the Ministry of Health, said: "Parents visiting health centers for measles vaccination for children is an important issue that should not be ignored."

He pointed out: Razi Institute, based on its inherent mission, is fully prepared to produce MMR and MR (measles, rubella, mumps and measles, rubella) vaccines, as in the past 40 years, and now more than one and a half million doses. One of these vaccines is ready to be delivered to the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Ashtari emphasized: If the Ministry of Health decides to increase vaccination in the country and create a campaign to deal with measles again, Razi Institute can increase its production capacity to meet the country's needs.

  Pointing out that the production of these vaccines in Razi Institute is done according to the request of the Ministry of Health and the annual need of the country, he said: so far, an average of 3 to 4 million measles vaccines (in double and triple forms) are produced annually. It was delivered to the Ministry of Health that it is possible to increase the production capacity up to 7 million doses in Razi Institute.

The adviser to the president and director of Razi Institute stated: Razi Institute, as the oldest center for the production of vaccines and biological products with almost a century of history, has been seriously involved in controlling and eradicating many diseases in the country for years and now It can also be a powerful arm of the Ministry of Health in controlling various diseases.

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